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A growing number of people maintain information services about their own unit, district or council. Here is a list of all sites that I know of, most of which were announced on any of the mailinglists or on the rec.scouting newsgroup.



Norges Speiderforbund [NSF] (Norwegian Scout Association)
Norges KFUM-Speidere (Norwegian YMCA-Scouts)
Norges KFUK-Speidere (Norwegian YWCA-Scouts)
Student Scouting groups
The number of Norwegian Scouting sites has grown so large that they are now on a separate page. Other countries can still be found on the original page.

Information about national Scouting organisations and an meta-index of Scouting camps are available as well.

General pages


Norges Speiderforbund [NSF] (Norwegian Scout Association)

WOSM info WAGGGS info


Norges KFUM-Speidere (Norwegian YMCA-Scouts)


Norges KFUK-Speidere (Norwegian YWCA-Scouts/Guides)



Student Scouting Groups

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