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A growing number of people maintain information services about their own unit, district or council. Here is a list of all sites that I know of, most of which were announced on any of the mailinglists or on the rec.scouting newsgroup.



Associación de Scouts de México
Guías de México
The number of Mexican Scouting sites has grown so large that they are now on a separate page. Other countries can be found through the main index.


Associación de Scouts de México

WOSM info

Note: I have tried to organize the pages by province, but my spanish isn't that good, and not all pages have complete information. If I misplaced a site, please correct me.

Provincia Aguascalientes

Provincia Azcapotzalco

Provincia Baja California

Provincia Benito Juárez

Provincia Campeche

Provincia Chihuahua Norte

Provincia Chihuahua Sur

Provincia Colima

Provincia Coyoacan

Provincia Cuahutemoc

Provincia Cuahutitlan

Provincia Guanajuato

Provincia Gustavo A. Madero

Provincia Iztapalapa

Provincia Iztacalco

Provincia Jalisco

Provincia La Laguna

Provincia Michoacan

Provincia Naucalpan

Provincia Nuevo León

Provincia Puebla

Provincia Queretaro

Provincia Sonora

Provincia Tamaulipas Norte

Provincia Tlalpan

Provincia Toluca

Provincia Veracruz Norte

Provincia Yucatan

unknown province


Guías de México


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