Scouting-Europe mailing list

A list concerning European scouting affairs has been set up under the name SCOUTING-EUROPE.

To subsribe, send a message to :
The subject line must contain only:
        subscribe scouting-europe
        subscribe digest scouting-europe
for daily digests. That's it. You should get a reply from the listserver telling you whether the subscription request was successful. If you did something wrong the server will try to help you. If you get into trouble feel free to contact the list owner :
        Lars von Olleschik (
        DPSG - Dioezesanverband Muenster, Oeffentlichkeits-AK

In order to send a posting to this list, address it to

Theme of discussion

Scouting-europe should deal with anything concerning european scouting interests. Feel free to open the discussion.

Pfadi-liste - german language list

Note : this same machine ( is also home of the german language scouting mailing list PFADI-LISTE; the subscription procedure is similar to scouting-europe, just substitute pfadi-liste for scouting-europe in the address, and that is it. But don't ask me anything about it, since I am not a subscriber to that list; I'm only spreading the news.

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