The InterNETional Scouting and Guiding Pages

Once again, I received an e-mail from someone claiming to hold the copyright on the term "Internetional", so I'm forced to close this site or rename it, or face legal action. Interestingly, this is someone else than a previous time, when the problem was sorted out. Multiple people claiming ownership of the same name (which btw, we used first anyway!)? Copyright law seems to work in mysterious ways...

Since all of this is of course a volunteer project, I have no resources to check on this claim or to fight it.

Renaming the site and tracking down all links to it and tell people to change the name of that link will also be an enourmous task, which I cannot undertake right now. Maybe later, but for now this site is closed.

Yours in Scouting,

David Jansen

Well, since I never heard back about the claim, it's probably bogus, so... click here to go to the main page. Consider this site tentatively re-opened. I'll sort things out later.
Last modified: Fri Jun 29 16:33:05 2012