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Welcome to the new and reopened site !!

Some time ago, I received an e-mail from someone claiming to hold the copyright on the term "Internetional", so I was forced to close this site or rename it, or face legal action.
Now that this threat seems to have passed, I consider the site re-opened. Unfortunately, there is now a lot of work to do to get everything up-to-date again, remove broken links, etc.

logo Many people and organizations have made available information about Scouting and Guiding in their country, about their own unit or something more specialized. This site attempts to give an overview of such links.

Although there is a lot here, these lists are far from complete. If you know of other material, let me know.

Scouting and Guiding around the world - Countries & Units

Scouting and Guiding pages (by country)
Search these lists:
Or use the world map
Scout camps around the world
Scout Shops around the world
National E-mail address lists

International Scouting and Guiding

International Scouting and Guiding organisations
International events

Scouting and Guiding on the Internet - Archives & Services

Global ScoutNet
Scouting WWW archives
This is probably the best place to look for general information about Scouting, with sections such as
Stories and Ideas
Scouting Software
Scouting Clip-art
Historic archives
Scouting FTP sites
Other general WWW Scouting index pages
Scouting webrings
Scouting Search engines
Scouting Frequently Asked Questions lists
Creating your own Scouting Home Page [under construction]

Scouting and Guiding on the Internet - Communication

Scouting mailing lists
Scouting newsgroups
Scouting WWW message boards
Scouting areas on Telnet BBS systems
Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
Scouting on ICQ
WWW Chat Forums

Other opportunities for Electronic Scouting and Guiding

Global ScoutNet international BBS network,
JOTI - Jamboree on the Internet
Scouting Radio

Your Resources on the Net

Scouting skills and activities
Maps & compass
Songs & skits
Collecting and trading in Scouting and Guiding
Scouting and Guiding Museums
Collectors items
Patch trading
Leadership skills and training
Pen Pal services
On-line Scouting-related books
List of pointers to material related to Scouting


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